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Constituent Chapters 2017

Cyrus Chapter No. 2   Salmon Chapter No. 14
Cyrus Chapter meets 4th Monday of each months except for June, July and August.   Meets the 3rd Wednesday of each Month
High Priest--Harold E. Bloom   High Priest--Milton A. Slavin
Secretary--Bruce A. Wethered   Secretary--Dave S. Call
Boise Chapter No. 3   King Solomon Chapter No. 16
Meets on the 4th Thursday, 3rd Thursday in Nov. & Dec, Dark in July and August   Meets the 4th Monday of each Month except Jul & Aug
High Priest--Norman C. Lane   High Priest--Vance P. Mason
Secretary--Norman C. Lane   Secretary--Jeremy C. Vaughn
Lewiston Chapter No. 4   Mountain Home Chapter No. 24
Meets the 4th Wednesday of all months except 2nd Wednesday of Sept., Nov. & Dec. Dark in Jun., Jul., & Aug.   Meets the 3rd Monday of each Month except Jul & Aug
High Priest--Edward L. Bonham, Jr.   High Priest--Robert Hughes
Secretary--John W. Zeller, Sr.   Secretary--Jay A. Leonard
Payette Chapter No. 8   Keystone Chapter No. 29
Meets the 4th Tuesday of Jan, Mar, May, Sept, & Nov.   Meets the 4th Wednesday of each month--except 1st Saturday of November and December  (Dark--Jan & Feb)
High Priest--David E. Thomas   High Priest--Brian Becker
Secretary--John H. Blake   Secretary--Doral L. McGee
Idaho Falls Chapter No. 10    
Meets 2nd Tuesday of Each Month (Except July & Aug)    
High Priest--Jonathon Tremelling    
Secretary--Robert A. Farrow