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Order of the High Priesthood


This is a chair degree which is conferred upon individuals after they have been elected to preside over their Royal Arch Chapter.  Many American Grand Chapters maintain a council of the Order of High Priesthood, or a similar title, and anoiint their installed High Priests with this dignity.

 History relates that St. Andrews Chapter in Boston had been anointing their ""Royal Arch Master"" after the ""Order of Melchizadek"" from 1789 or earlier, and continued this practice for a number of years.  Several members of St. Andrews served on a committee of General Grand Chapter in 1799 to revise the Constitution of that body.  They included an article regarding the installation of High Priests by an esoteric ceremony.

Webb included it in his 1802 Monitor as the ""Order of the High Priesthood,"" and the ritual was disseminated throughout the United States.  Varied use was made of the degree through the years, finally becoming well established as Grand Chapters perfected their organizations.

One of the first, if the the first, conventionally organized Grand Councils of Anotinted High Priesthood was established early in the history of the Grand Chapter of North Carolina, with the first recorded conferral by that body on June 23, 1823

The ritual is both interesting and informative and is intended to fully acquaint the High Priest with the traditional establishment of this office, and his incumbent duties therein.

In Idaho - 

The Order of the High Priesthood is generally exemplified at the Grand Sessions, on the Thursday morning before the Grand Sessions.

Current and Past High Priests are eligIble.  Contact your Chapter Secretary for details.


The Order of the High Priesthood is a chair degree for sitting High Priests or Past High Priests.  The Grand Chapter Officers present this degree on the Thursday before the Idaho Grand York Rite Sessions.  The Secretary for the Order is Most Excellent Companion Norman C. Lane.  A petition is required to receive the degree.